March 23, 2019

Afghanistan Is at the Cusp of Great Changes

The History of Revolutions, Treachery, Civil War and Terror


The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is located at a crossroads between the East and the West and since ancient times has been the center of trade and migration. The advantageous geopolitical location — between South and Central Asia, on the one hand, and the Middle East on the other, allows it to play an important role in economic, political and cultural relations of the countries of the region.

Through the territory of Afghanistan there went ancient trade routes from the Mediterranean and Caspian seas and the countries of Central Asia to the Indian Ocean coast. Since times immemorial, numerous hordes of conquerors, ranging from Alexander the Great to Nadir Shah, had been moving through Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is a country that had survived three Anglo-Afghan wars, the Soviet “aid to a fraternal Afghan people”, for many years has been waging a bloody war with the “Taliban” and the so-called “Islamic State”. In fact, one generation of Afghans was born, grew up in a wartime, and began to hold arms in hand, before learning how to hold a pencil. The generation that can hardly read and write, but shoots well and understands the cultivation of opium poppy and smuggling. For more than twenty recent years, some Afghans have been defending the right to a decent life, others have been dragging the country into Middle Ages.

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