March 18, 2017

Opening of a New Israeli Cultural Center and a Presentation of the Book “The State of Israel. Politics and Society”


Within the framework of expanding cultural ties with Ukraine, on 16 March 2017, a new premises of the Israeli Cultural Center (ICC) at the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine was opened in Kiev.

Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Vyacheslav Kyrylenko took part in the ceremony. He expressed the hope that the Centre would “...start a lot of good deeds, good for both the Ukrainian people and the people of Israel”.

In turn, the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Ukraine Eliav Belotserkovski pointed out that the Cultural Center “ a much broader idea of our state”. “I am sure that this Center can become a kind of a bridge for the transfer of knowledge, experience, and our culture to our Ukrainian friends”, he added.

The Center's activities will be devoted to how the modern State of Israel is living: its achievements in the sphere of high technologies, medicine, agriculture; its culture, history and social life. Educational and cultural projects, seminars, language courses, etc. will also be held at the ICC.


March 17, 2017, in the new premises of the Israeli Cultural Center was presented the book-training manual “The State of Israel. Politics and society”. The authors of the book — Professors Zeev Khanin and Anatoliy Romanyuk — told about the idea and purpose of the book; about why this publication was written in Ukrainian and would be useful for the Ukrainian reader, especially the student audience.

For example, the training manual “The State of Israel. Politics and Society” describes the history, factors of the formation and evolution of the State of Israel. The book shows the main actors and leading institutions of the political development of modern Israel. It reflects the position of the Jewish state in the system of regional and world politics. And studies the history, as well as the current state of Ukrainian-Israeli relations.

The presentation of the book was attended by Counselor of the Embassy of the State of Israel in Ukraine, the Regional Head of “Nativ” in Ukraine and Moldova Gennadiy Polishchuk, as well as the Honorary Consul of the State of Israel in the Western Region of Ukraine Oleg Vishnyakov who provided comprehensive assistance to the authors in writing and publishing the book.

Great attention was drawn to the presentation of the book, which was made by Professor Zeev Khanin. He told the audience how the idea of writing this book arose and emphasized the relevance of the information it contains for Ukraine, especially in the current situation of the aggression against it. At the same time, he stressed the undoubted development of Ukrainian-Israeli partnerships in the cultural and socio-political spheres, including with both state and non-governmental research and analytical centers, one of the examples of which was the beginning of cooperation with the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”.

He also answered numerous pressing questions about the specifics of modern Ukrainian-Israeli relations and the prospects for their development, many of which went beyond the framework of the presentation.

The presentation was attended by Vice-President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”, Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Lieutenant-General (retired) Yuriy Radkovets.


The new address of the Israeli Cultural Center in Kiev: 36d, Konovaltsya Street, 7th floor.