The New World and Ukraine
February 22, 2019

Victor Hvozd

Results of the Munich Security Conference

How Are Baku and Kyiv Developing Ties in New Geopolitical Realities?
February 16, 2019

Victor Hvozd’s Interview For Vzglyad.Az

The Failure of the Missile Treaty. What's Next?
February 12, 2019

Victor Hvozd

February 2, 2019, the USA has officially suspended the fulfillment of its obligations under the INF Treaty

The Kerch Strait and Riots in France
December 13, 2018

Victor Hvozd

Moscow Keeps Raising the Stakes


The USA's Withdrawal from the INF Treaty
October 29, 2018

Victor Hvozd

Geopolitical Reasons and Possible Consequences

Moscow Is Preparing for a War in the Caucasus
October 18, 2018

Victor Hvozd

The nature and reasons for the changes in the scenarios of the military exercises in the South of Russia

From Syria to Libya
October 12, 2018

Ivan Sichen

Russia Is Unleashing a New War in North Africa

The Balkan Peninsula in Moscow's Geopolitical Plans
October 3, 2018

Ivan Sichen

The Reasons for and Possible Consequences of the Deterioration of the Situation in the Region

Consequences of Western Sanctions
October 1, 2018

Victor Hvozd

The Development of the Situation in Russia As a Manifestation of the Weakening of Putin's Positions

The “East-2018” SCPE
September 26, 2018

Victor Hvozd

Goals, Scenario, Participants and Peculiarities of the Exercise