April 5, 2019

The Taliban: A Threat to the Central Asia Region

The years-long war in Afghanistan has given rise to the phenomenon of the Taliban movement. Some Afghan political analysts and analysts in the West consider it a purely Afghan phenomenon. Maybe it is, but the events of the spring of 2019 show that the melting of snow and opening of mountain passes increases the danger for Afghanistan's neighboring countries — Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan.

The aggravation of the situation on the borders of Afghanistan indicates that the phenomenon of the “Taliban” is no longer purely Afghan, and in addition to Tajikistan, they are looking for new routs of penetrating the region of Central Asia. They are clearly demonstrating their growing strength in the area of Russia's strategic interests, despite the news reports “on the Russian government's successful negotiations with the Taliban”. By the way, Moscow still considers the Taliban an organization whose activities are prohibited in Russia. What is this? Double standards, or a new phase of the upgrade game? Time will tell, it will not take long to wait.

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