January 20, 2020

“BINTEL. Geopolitical Analytics Journal”

You can buy or prepay the printed issue of “BINTEL” Journal at the Editorial Office (Kyiv, Dmytrivska St. 75, of. 159). The price of the one issue of journal is 250 hryvnyas. You can pay for the journal by the cashless payment form on our website.

To get the journal through the “Nova Poshta” express delivery service you need to let us know ([email protected] or by phone +38 /067/ 243-2807) the issue and amount of journals you paid for, the surname, first name and patronymic and the contact phone number of the recipient, the city and the “Nova Poshta”'s nearest office. As soon as we receive the bank information about the payment, we will send off the order to you.






“BINTEL” Journal, 2020-4


“BINTEL” Journal, 2020-3


“BINTEL” Journal, 2020-2


“BINTEL” Journal, 2020-1


 “BINTEL” Journal, 2019-4

 “BINTEL” Journal, 2019-3

“BINTEL” Journal, 2019-2

“BINTEL” Journal, 2019-1


“BINTEL” Journal, 2018-4

“BINTEL” Journal, 2018-3


“BINTEL” Journal, 2018-2

“BINTEL” Journal, 2018-1


“BINTEL” Journal, 2017-4


“BINTEL” Journal, 2017-3


“BINTEL” Journal, 2017-2


“BINTEL” Journal, 2017-1


“BINTEL” Journal, 2016-4


“BINTEL” Journal, 2016-3


“BINTEL” Journal, 2016-2

“BINTEL” Journal, 2016-1

The Special Issue of
“Germany as a Stabilizing Factor and a Driving Force in the Development of a European Democratic Ukraine”, 2016


The Special Issue of
“Hybrid Wars” As a Continuation of “Hybrid Policy”, 2015


“BINTEL” Journal, 2015-2

“BINTEL” Journal, 2015-1

“BINTEL” Geopolitical Analytics Journal is published in Ukrainian and English and
is not duplicated on the website of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”.

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